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Honey has one of the biggest fan followings across social media and his popularity has gone far and wide! Honey has a record of only delivering chart busters, the star has a massive fan following and they are keen to know as to what would Honey offer them next. The best mortgage rate. You will know all your options and get the best rate available, all with absolutely no additional cost. Amidst the ongoing clamour over the cross-border tension between India and Pakistan spilling into the entertainment world, some Indian outfits have imposed a ban on Pakistanis from India's showbiz world and a few Pakistani theatres have pulled down Indian movies from their screens.

Celebrities across the board and borders have commented on the spillover, with some talking in support of the steps, some opposing it and some just keeping mum. The calls for ban on Pakistani talent in India created quite a stir after Maharashtra Navnirman Sena MNS issued an "ultimatum" to all Pakistani artistes to quit India within 48 hours or face trouble. Superstar Salman Khan and veteran actor Om Puri came forward to support Pakistani talent, but faced a backlash for their opinions. Earlier this year, Irrfan courted controversy with his comments on Ramzan and Muharram, and had even addressed the issue on his Twitter page.

He had posted: "Clerics don't scare me. Thank God, I don't live in a country governed by religious contractors. Actor-filmmaker Ajay Devgn left actress Shilpa Shetty freaked out on the set of popular children dance reality show "Super Dancer" when he gifted her a box containing cockroaches -- albeit fake ones. Ajay, who appeared in the show to promote his forthcoming directorial venture "Shivaay", got gifts for the choreographer Geeta Kapur and Shilpa, who are seen as judges on the show alongside filmmaker Anurag Basu.

However, Shilpa didn't know that Ajay was playing a prank on her. When she opened the box and saw cockroaches in it, she freaked out. The actress was so shocked that she couldn't contain her fear and took a while to settle in and resume shoot," said a source from the set of the Sony Entertainment Television show. The first week may be packed with details and fine points you've been avoiding. A loved one will admire and desire you all the more. See through someone's smoke screen and understand why it's there.

Spot an opportunity to move ahead in life. Be patient, be ready, and let things develop. Love enters your world in a big way with the October 30 New Moon. Feel lucky, and be ready to act surprised. Fun can have a serious side, so don't shun this chance to enjoy life. You'll be attractive and beguiling no matter your mood. People may be a bit touchy-feely, but that won't chase you away. Early October is for family and forming stronger bonds.

Treasure every kind word, because there could be a lot of feeling behind it. Let your inner child romp.

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Be sensitive to coworkers' requests, and be emotionally available and responsive. They will be eager to side with you. Dress up and feel frisky as the month ends with the New Moon on October Don't get too wild, OK? Friends and neighbors are there to share the many good times in the first week. This includes family members who may have been keeping their distance or keeping their opinions to themselves. Grab some friends and try a new restaurant or go on a field trip to a new place. Family affairs warm up with the October 30 New Moon.

Harmony and cultured pleasures may be on the agenda. Look for invitations, gifts, and other tokens of friendship early this month. Most July Aug 22 of this is in return for favors you've done July Aug 22 recently. Say thank you and keep paying it forward. Take your time and take a good, practical look at things. Embrace your sibs and neighbors at the end of the month with the October 30 New Moon. Get together and support one another. Career concerns and public image are highlighted in all the best ways the first week.

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The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on October 15 can provide you the big opportunity you've been wanting. Midmonth, be realistic about family concerns. Value what is working for everyone and don't expect perfection from anyone. The October Nov 22Dec 21 Nov. Give people space, as well as love, and receive the same tender consideration.

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Gracious high times abound with the October 30 New Moon. Exert your personal power in a gentle way. People will bend over backward to please you. Be reasonable.

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  5. Any conflict will go your way, but it won't be forgotten. The delicate tendrils of love reach into your world during the October 16 Full Aug. You may be in the mood to be charmed and tempte. The October 30 New Moon could bring a money matter into better balance. You'll have a clearer, more complete view of a financial situation. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on October 15 give you the secret superpowers of charm and persuasion. Tactfully straighten out a financial matter or some other material tug of war. Look great no matter what you do. Midmonth, pay more attention to your health. If not Sept.

    Eat well and rest. The New Moon on October 30 is lucky in a zillion unexpected ways. Keep expectations low and be pleasantly surprised. Practice the fine art of graciously receiving The October 15 New Moon and Solar Eclipse zing your social life and bring in a lot of partying people. If you're not up for all the merriment, be friendly but firm. A few words will do more than causing a scene would. If you don't get too wild or let too many crazy fantasies dominate, you'll have a blast and maybe pick up some great new friends.

    The October 30 New Moon could bring a flurry of psychic dreams and reveal sharp insights into a stressful relationship. Step back from an issue and get a bigger and better perspective during the first week. Be ambitious. Old friends and good times near home will Dec The October 16 Dec Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse may bring a growing desire to explore new places and activities, but bask in the warmth and nearness for now. Watch for a sharp insight and then a lucky break on your career path as the month ends with the October 30 New Moon.

    Face a longstanding problem and easily solve it in the first week. You have plenty of resources, clever ideas, and some extra luck. You're under no delusions during the Jan. Jan 20 Feb Take your time making any money decisions and avoid repeating a mistake based on wishful thinking. Ask for and get good advice. The month ends on a high, friendly note with the October 30 New Moon. You may be dwelling in sweet but stale memories when a bright new love appears.

    Calm down and rely on your good instincts as much as your reason. The right decisions may not be instantly obvious. Feel things out and be confident. The October 30 New Moon positions you to be the one with all the answers. Take care of your own needs first and then be helpful if asked. The Indian. Will '31st October' get out of legal soup A day ago, it had been reported that a PIL Public Interest Litigation has been filed against upcoming dramatic thriller '31st October' starring Vir Das and Soha Ali Khan on the grounds that the film will defame certain political figures.

    Now, it has been learned that when the matter was heard before the Delhi HC, the court directed petitioner Ajay Katara to make the affected people as a party and resubmit the PIL tomorrow. Writer and producer of the film Harry Sachdeva said, "My film is based on a true story and the film is a real glimpse of what happened in We want the subject to come on the big screen, as cinema is one of the most effective platforms.

    I was somewhere prepared for such issues to come up, our sets were damaged, we faced Censor issues and now this. This subject was never attempted before and there are clear reasons behind it. I am confident that since I have brought the film till here, I am sure I will bring it to the screens on 21st October worldwide. October', which is slated to release on October 21, is a glimpse into the controversial dark chapter of India's History. The antiSikh riots have been called a pogrom by the filmmakers, which is an interminable debate.

    We are not in favor of this film to release as it leads to nothing but division. Jacqueline looked ravishing in a simple black dress and her beautiful smile. To create a true, full-blooded biopic, filmmakers need a free-hand: MS Dhoni The Untold Story, which claims to give us Mahendra Singh Dhoni Uncut, is much more generous with details from his childhood and his days of struggle than from his blazing tenure as star wicketkeeper-batsman-captain of the Indian cricket team.

    The result, with the exception of a few interesting bits and pieces, is bland and predictable.

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    The over-long film cherry-picks the details it wants to serve us, skirting all grey areas and controversies: there are no smart nosedigs, only ingratiating bouquets; only hurrahs the critique is so muted that we can barely hear it , and loud background music which is used to drum up emotion and drama. It begins with promise. Young Mahi is more interested in football, badminton and tennis, and tries to blow off his first coach Rajesh Sharma who spots his potential.

    We see Mahi Sushant Singh Rajput trying and failing and trying again,. Till then, bully for Neeraj Pandey and the film, even if it is already feeling stretched and repetitive. What works for the film in the first half is the lifelike recreation of life in a small town Ranchi , a family getting by on slender means and yet being able to find it in themselves to. PPrivate rivate Mortgage Mortgage available available at at low low rrates.

    Borrow Bank Bank Rules Rules not not applicable applicable hhere. But, and this is the message that comes through loud and clear, that it can be done. You can be a small town boy, and if you have talent and a little bit of luck, you can be unstoppable. It tells us that it is right for us to aspire, and that anyone can do it. Then the curse of the second half.

    Two romances arrive in swift succession Disha Patani, Kiara Advani, both sparkly, both reduced to sidebars. There are songs. There is a stab at the intrigue that governs selection processes at various cricketing bodies, including the mighty BCCI, but it is laughably feeble. The entire focus is on Dhoni who is shown as the sole match-winner from the Indian side.

    His teammates, which include Indian cricketing greats Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and others , are seen in flashes, either from the back or in profile. There is no dressing room banter with his team-mates. No scenes, in fact, with other players, except for a couple of stray ones with Yuvraj Singh Harry Tangri. The quality of cricketing on screen is excellent. Rajput looks right at home with the bat and gloves, as do the other actors on the pitch.

    You wish there were some more cricketers — all significant contributors to Indian tests and one-day cricket and the glitzy T20 tournaments, during the years Dhoni entered and captained them — in this tale. For cricket is a team sport, right? MS Dhoni makes it seem like a one-man army. This film had potential to present us with the recent Indian cricketing story, warts and all. True champions have that edge that no one else does: on that score, the real-life Dhoni hits it out of the park, every single time.

    Too bad the reel Dhoni gets stumped just when he is getting started. Boy should be clean shaven, University educated with family values. Please call or email:dsidhu pinnaclehotels. Only professional degree holder or businessman will be considered. Please send your information with recent picture to hvirk1 yahoo. I am caring kind, hard working, loving kind too.

    Please call Peter or Email:pjottey hotmail. S from UBC. Presently working as an Engineer. Resident of Calgary looking for suitable match. For more Info please call after 4pm contact is No experience necessary. Outdoor work. My Canadian Passport No. My present address is: A Street, Surrey B.

    V3W 3W2, Canada, Phone: Ludhiana, Punjab, India. You have comments on any news or article in this newspaper? Experience 1 to 3 years necessary. No Formal Education required. Hindi, Punjabi or English language an asset. Apply in person or by mail to. Experience 1 to 3 years required. Apply in Person or by Mail to:. Business Development Manager Needed We immediately need 2 cooks and 1 business development manager for full time positions.

    Experience is an asset. Must be fluent in English. Formal education BBA or equivalent is must. Must be energetic, motivated and a good team leader. Apply in person. Hindi, Punjabi, or English Language an asset. No formal education required. Apply in person or by mail to:. Get unlimited videogames shipped directly to your door and never worry about late fees again with Gameaccess. Your GameAccess. Receive your favorite games directly to your home address.

    Great for the cold winter months and rainy days! Always free shipping - Absolutely no shipping fees to rent games Reserve your favorite games and get new games on release date. Call now for a free quote! Call now for your free consultation. Pay Per Call Puts You on the Receiving End of the Line Creating strong inbound marketing strategies are invaluable to building a business where consumers come to you.

    Pay Per Call simply emphasizes to potential customers that your business is readily available through the device they are most attached to: their mobile phone. How to get free money for your child's education NC Every child deserves an education. Not only is it a basic right, but these days a good education is necessary in order to earn a living and maintain a suitable lifestyle. In fact, according to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 70 per cent of new jobs in the coming decade will require a post-secondary education.

    But affording this schooling isn't always easy. Fortunately, the federal government has developed new funding for post-secondary schooling. Qualifying families are even eligible to receive free money with no contribution. All you need to do to access this for your child is open a Registered Education Savings Plan. Here's how you can take advantage of this government funding for your child's education: 1.

    Find out if you qualify. Start saving the right way. For every dollar you. Seek help if you need it. Look for a financial organization dedicated to assist with your educational savings goals. Earning a diploma or degree can be very empowering for your child because it helps them acquire the skills they need to become contributing citizens in an evolving world. So it makes sense to take advantage of the government programs that can support their education.

    Start your investment today by learning more about opening an RESP. Experts say this time of year is critical for how your yard will look year round. A lush and well-maintained garden also adds enjoyment and selling features to your home. Early in the fall, repair dead spots in the lawn by digging straight down and as deep as necessary to remove all soil containing the roots. Fill the hole with a loamy topsoil and tamp down to level with the turf. Seed the area with a mix that matches your existing turf grass. Cover it with hay or newspaper shavings to protect against birds.

    Water regularly while the seeds germinate and sprout. Leaves are your biggest assets. After they fall off trees, they break down to create essential nutrients that feed your plants. Dig a big hole and pile them in. They'll break down eventually and give you wonderful leaf mould for mulching in the spring. Combine one part blood meal, one part bone meal, and one part wood ash to scatter over bulb beds for beautiful blooms come spring.

    Plant your new addition about six weeks before the deep frost. Be sure to prepare a hole large enough, about five times the width of the root. Retain the soil you remove from the hole and use it as backfill to allow your new tree to adjust to its natural soil as quickly as possible. Add a little lighting to extend the beauty of your garden through the winter months. Light pale trees such as birches with back floodlighting. Sling tiny lights over a shrub or tree to give your winter garden a whimsical aesthetic. What makes your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms any different? Fire safey officials point out that the sole function of alarms is to provide early warning so your family can safely escape a fire or carbon monoxide emergency.

    This exposure has the potential to slow down the alarm's reaction time and reduce your escape time. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you check the age of your smoke alarms and replace any that are over 10 years old. For carbon monoxide alarms, replace any that were made prior to Remember that replacement requirements apply to all types of alarms, including battery powered, plug-in, and hardwired devices. NC You've planned well for your retirement, saving your money and investing it wisely.

    Now, your next challenge is to protect your savings by making sure your finances are handled wisely as you grow older. Research tells us that financial decision-making can be one of the first activities that people may have trouble with as they age. It's also true that seniors are frequently targeted for financial scams, exploitation, and abuse, sometimes by strangers but too often by caregivers and family members.

    Protect your retirement nest egg with these expert tips. While you're still fully able to handle your own affairs, assign a financial power of attorney to someone you trust so that there can be no question as to who you want making decisions for you in the event that your abilities start to falter; your lawyer can help with this. Once you decide who you would trust with these decisions, talk to them about your wishes. Having frank and regular discussions about your finances will ensure you're on the same page.

    Be aware that your financial advisors might raise these issues with you, so that they know how you would want them to proceed in the event that they notice changes in your abilities. Let your financial advisor know who your other professional advisors are, such as your lawyer or accountant. Introduce your financial advisor to.

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    5. If you think your loved one might be losing their ability to make sound financial decisions, speak to them about involving their power of attorney or other trusted contact in their financial discussions. Watch for memory loss; changes in ability to do everyday math; confusion about time and place; missed. Not everyone will experience these challenges, but they're common enough that we should take steps to protect ourselves and to do what we can to protect friends and family members.

      Grow your wealth using these 4 money facts NC Reach your financial goals about saving, investing, retirement planning, and more with these important personal finance facts you may not know about: 1. It's easier to find straight-forward information than you think. Your mutual fund purchase cannot be completed until your dealer delivers this document to you. This ensures you can review important information about a mutual fund before you buy it, such as past performance, risks, and the costs of investing.

      Each Fund Facts document is written in plain language and is no more than two pages doublesided. It is a good idea to meet with your financial advisor at least once a year. At least once a year, you should meet to review your investments. Ensuring your information is always current will lead to better conversations with your advisor about. Your financial advisor should ask you wide-ranging questions about your background and finances. Think of your advisor as your guide.

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      Their role is to help you make wise decisions about your investments. The more information you provide about your financial circumstances, goals, and priorities, the better the advice they can provide. You can expect your advisor to ask your age, employment situation, whether you have children, how much you know about investing, your financial goals, whether you have debt, retirement plans, health-related expenses, and your ability to withstand any financial loss. Working with a financial advisor increases your wealth. Research has shown that financial advisors help people increase their wealth and that the longer people have advice, the more their investments grow.

      For example, people who receive financial advice for 15 years or more enjoy more than 3. In a recent survey, 93 per cent of Canadian mutual fund investors said they are satisfied with their advisor, and 90 per cent said their advisor helped them make sound financial decisions. Discover fun ways to keep your pet active this fall NC Getting outside with your pet in the hot summer for lots of activity isn't always easy, but fall is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors together. Here are some great ideas for you and your furry friends to enjoy this colourful and crisp season: 1.

      Visit a pumpkin patch. Grab the leash and bring your pup to visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Before you head out, make sure to check that the place is pet-friendly. Remember there are often other animals on site, so keep in mind the larger animals may make your pet nervous. Multitask outside: Dogs spend lots of time outdoors,. While you're in the yard prepping the garden for frost, take your cat and their favourite toy outside with you to explore under your supervision. Check out a fall parade. Parades are a great way to get your dog moving and meeting people and dogs in your community.

      However, keep in mind there will be large crowds and loud noises, so make sure to bring a blanket to mark your territory and ensure your dog has enough space.

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      Take a hike. The Theory of Wages. Industrial Legislation: Factory Acts. State Insurance and Old Age Pensions. State Arbitration of Industrial Disputes. The General Theory of Taxation. Taxation in Great Britain. Taxation in the United States. The Theory of Socialism. Socialism as a Political Force. Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. London: John Lane, Familiar Incidents. Adventures of the Far North, a chronicle of the frozen seas. Toronto, Glasgow: Brook and Company, Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich. The Mariner of St.

      The Methods of Mr. Sellyer; A Book Store Study. New York: John Lane, New York: Winthrop Press, New York: S. French, c Essays and Literary Studies. Gundy, Blinks and His Friends. Merry Christmas. Two hundred copies printed in the shop of William Edwin Rudge for his friends, Christmas, National Organization for War. Ottawa: National Service Board of Canada, Frenzied Fiction. How Mr. Bellamy Looked Backward…, Milwaukee, Wis.

      The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice. Toronto: S. The Kidnapped Plumber. The Case Against Prohibition. London: The Freedom Association, Syndicated, Frank D. Genest, ed. Montreal, Cast Up By the Sea. The Soul Call. Martin-in-the-Fields Review, April , The Greek Drama. Masterpieces of Other Nations. Historical Drama.

      A Book of Ridiculous Stories. Little Blue Book No. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius, A Book of Funny Dramatics. The Human Animal and Its Folly. Life At I See It. Girard, Kansas: HaldemanJulius, Follies in Fiction. Essays of Serious Spoofing. The Gold Standard. Montreal: McGill University, The Graduating Class in Commerce.

      Toronto: Macmillan, for the Dept. Montreal: McGill University []. New York: Dodd, Mead, Laurence Chalmers Tombs. John Thomas Culliton. Montreal: Dept. The Environment of Letters: Culture of the Mind. Henry Laureys. Toronto: Macmillan, Chairman, I Beg to Move—. Toronto Star Weekly, March 30, , Economic Prosperity in The British Empire. Bell Syndicate, November 8, Afternoons in Utopia; tales of the new time. The Dry Pickwick and Other Incongruities. Edited with introduction and notes by Stephen Leacock. Ottawa: Graphic Publishers, Mary Duncan Carter.

      New York: Farrar and Rinehart, [c]. Story of the Repentant Earl; 2. Story of the Christmas Ghost. A Last Appeal of the Class of Garden City, N. The Perfect Salesman. Edited by E. New York: Robert M. New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation [c].

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      George R. Montreal: Guy Drummond, , Charles Dickens. Toronto: Dodd, Mead, [c]. To Diminish the Deficit. To Carry the Deficit. To Remove the Deficit. Privately printed, Suggestions for Economy at McGill. Privately printed, January Harrison Clark. Montreal: Guy Drummond, []. Cyril Clemens. New York: Fred A. Stokes, The Chattanooga Times, May 5, , 6.

      London: John Lane []. Philip F. Montreal: Printed at the Witness Press, [? London: Thornton Butterworth, []. Toronto: Thomas Allen, What Nickel Means To the World. Toronto: Prepared expressly for Johnson, Ring and Company, c

      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14
      winnipeg free press horoscope october 14 Winnipeg free press horoscope october 14

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