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To try to undermine an argument by claiming that the proponent has financial, psychological or other motives rather than address the merits of the argument is an ad hominem and psychogenic fallacy. Many sceptics claim that astrologers make a lot of money. This may be true of a few Sun-Sign columnists who are more like media celebrities than typical astrologers. The fact is that most astrologers devote much of their life to studying their subject and still struggle to make a living or supplement their income with better paid work.

Their motivation is the pursuit of knowledge rather than money. Those at the top of the multi-million dollar "Skeptical Industry" make a comfortable living and notoriety through popularizing their beliefs. There are lucrative conferences, lecture circuits, books, magazines and journals to promote and like an evangelical church, donations are encouraged by playing on the fears of the faithful. Is astrology a science? The short answer is no. However, much depends on your definition of science. If you are looking for laws, objectivity and predictability, then science is really confined to physics, chemistry and molecular biology.

The scientific part of astrology: tidal, seismic and meteorological correlations are an ancient and important part of astrology, but not enough to classify astrology as a hard science. The same argument applies to many other so-called sciences: such as climatology and meteorology. Most scientists argue that fields that involve human consciousness and behaviour such as psychology, sociology, economics or human senses such as nutrition or music are not science.

It is arguable that evolution is not scientific under this strict definition. The nearest equivalents to astrology are cooking or horticulture which are both a mix of art, science and craft. OED However, the practice of astrology by most astrologers is better defined as an art or a craft than a science and it would be wrong for these type of astrologers to claim to be scientists. As such it would also be equally wrong for a scientist who has not studied astrology, to consider him or herself qualified to judge such practices since they are outside the realm of science.

If you have read this far, you will now know there are no grounds to dismiss astrology as complete rubbish from a scientific point of view. If you still believe astrology to be rubbish, ask yourself, is your belief based on astrological knowledge and actual experience? Or is it blind faith inspired by feelings? Or were you won-over by an illusionist's trick? Or were you informed by a second-hand opinion that appears authoritative, but is based on an ill-informed, outdated or prejudiced view of astrology?

Those who have studied astrology are the best authorities on the subject. The Telegraph. Current Biology, 25 July Nature, December Vol. Clarke, D. The Journal of Psychology 2 pp. A fundamental limitation with this type of study is that some of Eysenck's EPI keywords for E- thoughtful, peaceful and even-tempered correspond with positive Air signs and yet, many would consider Air Signs to be extravert and N- words like responsive corresponds to water while Water Signs are widely considered by astrologers to be emotional or in Eysenk's terminology, neurotic.

How Astrologers Predicted the U.K. Election

Cornelius, Geoffrey The Moment of Astrology. Origins in Divination. Channel 4, UK. Aired 13 August Dawkins, Richard The God Delusion. Black Swan. With references. Includes meta-analyses of astrological studies. Dean, G.

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A Critical Review Sun Signs and Personality pp. French, Chris Astrologers and other inhabitants of parallel universes The Guardian. Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. Note though Hans Eysenck had been collaborating with Michel Gauquelin at least from and was involved in this paper but only his wife Sybil put her name on it. Gauquelin, M. Personality and Individual Differences, Vol 2 4 pp. Gauquelin, Michel Is there a Mars effect? Journal of Scientific Exploration Vol.

JREF Form Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax Form Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Inc. Long, A. Mayo, J. White, O. Journal of Social Psychology, pp. Geology 1 3 : 99— Journal of Geocosmic Research Vol. Also in Recent Advances in Natal Astrology. Correlation Vol. Science n. Astro-Research Data 4. Waldmohr, A.

Ridgley, Sara Klein. XXII[3], , pp. How bad Biology killed the economy. RSA Fellowship. Winter Bertrand Russell makes the valid point that the burden of proof for any belief is on the proponent. However, the nonsense of the China Teapot believed by no-one and unsupported by evidence does not equate to a widespread claim of correlation supported by evidence. Russell never intended this analogy to be used an excuse to ignore evidence to make prejudicial assertions. These are not all history books. Source: personal correspondence, Philip Graves, April Astrology books are not confined to University Libraries, Dr David Juste, eminent researcher and scholar says that the Vatican Library contains a substantial collection of astrological works, some of which are only extant there.

From this usage modern thinkers developed the idea that hubris meant overweening presumption leading to an impious disregard of the divinely fixed limits on human action in an ordered cosmos. To part with self-conceit. For it is impossible for any one to begin to learn what he thinks that he already knows.

Only a few people, notably spiritualists, mystics, psychics and healers claim to have 'seen' an aura in the form of light radiating from the body. Some believe there is a corespondence between the colours within the light and the planets, though the aura is not part of astrology. The concept traces back to Zoroastrianism and manifests in Buddhism, Kabbalah, Neoplatonism and Christianity [e. Luke ] and popularised in books by Carlos Castaneda.

In religious art it is depicted as a halo. There are very few scientific papers on the topic. A five-year study conducted by Dr. Valerie Hunt and Dr. Wayne Massey at the UCLA Department of Kinesiology entitled A study of structural integration from neuromuscular energy field and emotional approaches. The researchers claimed that after Rolfing "Electronic auric studies showed progressive change from a random low frequency field to a coherent high frequency, classically interpreted to indicate high consciousness.

These comments are here for background information only and there is no claim as to the existence or non-existence of the auric field. Eventually a list of the 69 results from 44 studies was published in Astrology Under Scrutiny by Dean et al. Randi admitted "My abysmal ignorance of statistics requires that I frequently appeal to statistician Chip Denman of the University of Maryland for frequently sobering advice and counsel. Wayback Machine record from randi. In an attempt to account for Gauquelin's apparently irrefutable statistical results, Geoffrey Dean dreamed up a highly implausible claim that a century ago parents falsified the birth registration times to optimise their offspring's charts!

It is hard to see how any parent would want what was considered a malefic planet, Mars in a prominent position. But since a reasonable conventional explanation artifact can never be ruled out in the future, Gauquelin's data no matter how solid is no more than an astrological theory. It cannot become proof or a so-called 'scientific law'. Kepler's third law was shown to be incomplete and inaccurate by Newton's laws of gravity which were later shown to be imprecise and incomplete by Einstein's Theories of General and Special Relativity. In the same way, even though the evidence appears overwhelming, it remains Darwin's theory of evolution rather than his law of evolution.

They said the placebo effect was not real. They said anesthetic would never work. They told Darwin that because he could not posit a mechanism for evolution his entire observation-based thesis was pants. Yet you and I Huge Janus know differently about Astrology and I thank you for posting your thoughts at such great length. Between us — you and I — let us work toward a better public understanding of Astrology.

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Applied astrology — astrological engineering if you wish to give it a trendy name — is one of the sunrise sciences of the 21st Century. I am glad to have found a fellow early embracer. Dark matter and the like would have been incomprehensible magic to our ancestors. Yet our children or perhaps theirs will fly to the stars in spaceships fueled by dark matter.

Though for now we are in the dark about some things yet we are confidently groping toward the light. This has been the case since the earliest astrologers looked up at the skies and saw those patterns that enabled them to build even the very roots of our enduring civilisations. Without that early astrological science we would still be in the darkness. For astrology has its roots in ancient augury, in reading the intentions of the gods.

It contains truth, but not in a literal, scientific way. It is a way of thinking, natural to human beings, that has been largely forgotten today. And the emphasis is not on foretelling the future but on how to live well, what attitude to take to life, how in other words to live in accord with the intentions of the gods. I thank you for your polite request for dialogue. That you are interested in astrology is a positive sign in its own right that your heart at least intuitively is in the right place. Astronomy is the science of the cosmos—planets, stars, galaxies, etc.

The science that allows us to build rockets, satellites, etc. Astrology is pseudoscience that purports to explain how astronomy affects human characteristics and behavior. It fails every well-conducted evidence-based test, and makes no reliable predictions. You are about to find out that a certain astrologer just knows you are wrong about that. It indicates a true science. Astrology studies every aspect of the heavens and more than astronomy also relates it to our lives in the part of the heavens in which the earth and all of us resides. It does not separate us from the stars as astronomy does.

Thus making it a fully holographic science. At its core it exists to catalogue name and count as many distance heavenly bodies as it can. It has no higher purpose than that. It is as of we have two sciences of human communication, One that studies the stamps found on letters and one that studies the actual contents of the letters themselves. Both have their uses. Yet Astrology is the wider deeper and more inclusive science.

It also has thousands of years of observation and data behind it. Instead they reply at length with what they claim several other parties would do about X. And they do so in a way that infers that those other parties actions with regard to X would somehow be deficit in the eyes of moderate people. This you have done by attempting a parody of the answer some else would give. But only if that someone else was the straw man glove puppet image you carry around inside of your head.

I am perfectly happy for you to answer for yourself. As am I. Future posterity can then well judge which one of us is right and which one has the blinker filters on. A properly conducted debate has each side speaking for themselves not parodying the other participants. Ken Haley and others will completely agree with me on this and perhaps other points too.

My initial reaction to your comment was that you had made some valid points. You point out that a parody of your position is not necessarily a validification of my counter-position. You raise the problem of the Strawman Argument. You even express a reasonable view of how a proper debate could be conducted. But then I thought, No! You are wrong! Your truths are shallow and your methods simplistic. If you feel tempted to challenge this, remember, arguments rooted in words other than my own are doomed to fail, as your language does not map onto my reality.

I can try and help you to experience towards this enlightened vista, but I expect you will retreat back into your narrow reifications and content yourself with lesser comforts; like the Amazonian ant who is in awe of the vastness of this single bundle of leaves. Good luck. Liberate yourself from your narrow confines; not all is as you assume. Open your blinkers. Imperative does not require question mark. Grammar not grammar. Is your partner the one who got you pregnant? If not, that might explain his becoming distant from you.

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Could you tell me please, where could i find some? I keep listening to the newscast talk about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the finest site to get one. Could you advise me please, where could i acquire some? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Ignore the boring people with no sense of humor. Always ground the advice you are given in the truths we can read in the Stars. This is good advice that has stood me in good stead for many years. Always ground the advice you are given in the truths we can read in the our ethnicity. Always ground the advice you are given in the truths we can read in the our classline.

Changing a word in an argument will change the argument. That leaves my original argument alone as the valid one. I am thus glad that at least we all agree on that. This is my gift to you. Thanks Barry Goddard But I disagree. I could go on… Regards. Very confusing… Thanks for your time. But there are a number of things which it might be helpful to keep in mind during this processs: 1. It took me like three minutes. You do have a few choices: 1. Not enough to pay for the marriage counseling that those people need. To clarify, do you mean 5p or 5d?

Decimalisation occurred between and in the UK, Eddie. Is this then a similtaneous sic equation? ChrisR You should be careful about joking about similtaneous equations. Try to be a bit more inclusive, Barry. Edie My approach quite literally encompasses the whole universe and beyond. Thus my frustrations at times with being asked to be inclusive of such limiting approaches. Love from Eddie. Edie Making ageist comments about 56 year olds is scraping the barrel of ad hominem argumentativeness. Yet I am not dismayed by your disparagement. You an optimist? Sinophile Thank you for your kind words of praise.

May your life be filled with joy. A few thoughts on Astrology These are the main arguments put forward as to why astrology is rubbish.

Ancient and Traditional Astrology

Gauquelin The birth data and personality descriptions of several thousand famous French scientists, sportsmen, and actors were obtained from biographies. Gauquelin Personality descriptions of successful American professionals were compiled from their biographies and birth data collected. Cajochen Is astrology anti-scientific? Such is the nature of skeptics. Can you expound on those instead of Astrology? Edie There are no mysteries. Simply things our consciousness has not yet embraced. Man, you guys need to get a room…..

Remind me. Oh dear Ken Haley You are about to find out that a certain astrologer just knows you are wrong about that. Ken Haley I fear you have fallen for a modern and misleading simplification of the two definitions. Thanks for this Barry Goddard. I do not think they mean what you think they mean. To get the full benefit of the treading, the client cannot be entirely passive. Unfortunately, most clients have little or no interest in this.

The problem is that understanding how astrological elements play out in the various levels of being is actually a large part of the answer. A refusal to attempt to connect with the sources results, to one degree or another in a fast food version of astrology. This is of course among other things a hopelessly deterministic view of things, but the irony generally extends to include a flat denial of anything pre-ordained.

The cosmological nature of astrology demands some degree of acknowledgment if the reading is to be much more than skin deep in its reception.

The reader of the horoscope is seen as nothing more than a fortune teller. This is where the shamanic approach can be employed to great advantage. There is a surprising amount of confusion about what shamanism really is. This is true but we also need to remember that every element of creation has a spirit. This has sometimes given the impression of the shaman as somehow feral, which is actually fair enough. It is an inestimable tragedy that humanity has mostly lost any true sense of belonging to the natural or divine order and it will be the death of us.. A sane person would not consider an owl or a polar bear as expendable,.

The shaman can and does facilitate access to the spirit realms, thus facilitating insight and retrieval of spirits. A world that contains an island of plastic the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean and allows natural crops to be replaced by cloned ones is in great need of a radical wake up call. It is of the utmost importance that we remember who we really are.

Astrology can be a powerful tool in this regard, both personally and in the larger context of humanity,. When applied through the medium of shamanic astrology, we can access the planetary energies in a personal yet universal way. No two charts are the same, so what we have is something very personal. However, like a mandala inner and outer are represented and laid out in a cosmic map to be discerned by the shaman. There are only seven planets and luminaries and the basic meaning of each one is actually quite easy to grasp.

There is of course a vast depth of meaning that only a great deal of study and practise can realize. This blog does contain articles on all planets from a traditional point of view, as well as the nature of the humours and so on for those interested in this. There is also an extensive library of mostly primary source texts for scholars of the Art. Start with the luminaries and personal planets. The social planets, Jupiter and Saturn will come later.


To begin with, think of the differences between the Sun and Moon. We might ask what is solar energy in astrology. The Moon is reflective of the Sun, with no light of her own, yet she turns the tides, regulates vegetative phenomena and mirrors the menstrual cycle. Your natal chart is inseparable from yourself, so the most important thing is to be willing to experience the various energies. In mythologies from all cultures and in all great literature and art we see these archetypal forms in dynamic expression.

The reading becomes experiential rather than a transfer of information to a more or less passive recipient. I believe that astrology is yet to realize its golden age. Barry, my thoughts on the meaning and practise of Shamanism are all over the blog, but I will add an explanation to the most recent article. Thank you for your comments. Enjoyed that.

And that says to me that this deeper experience of life through the body and nature is what is natural to people, and that the ideal of freedom from material entanglement is a corruption. And this is exactly where Pluto takes us. The Underworld is a place of authenticity, of wholeness, where we are asked to acknowledge and honour the whole of ourselves.

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Maybe collectively as astrologers we have not asked ourselves rigorously enough what our philosophy is. Are we fully a part of the western esoteric tradition, or do we need to reject a central plank of that tradition? The debate regarding traditional vs.

I am a black shaman with apprentices world wide and have been an astrologer for thirty seven years. Shamanism is nature consciousness communication of mother earth based not human or human mind based knowledge. Healer Shamans — YELLOW the main practice is to work with the fragmented aspects of the human and their dis-ease, connecting it to past life karma, and how it effects their current dis-eases of their mental and physical body making a bridge with soul retrievals and healing rituals.

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barry goddard astrologer Barry goddard astrologer
barry goddard astrologer Barry goddard astrologer
barry goddard astrologer Barry goddard astrologer
barry goddard astrologer Barry goddard astrologer
barry goddard astrologer Barry goddard astrologer

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