Deccan herald sunday horoscope

Some take the help of Astrology to increase their quality of life in a material sense and others in a spiritual sense. Some are after bhoga sense pleasures and others are after yoga spiritual pleasures. Weekly Horoscope by Guruji Shrii Arnav published in Deccan Herald Vedic Astrology can help one fine one's true destiny and can help get riches both spiritual as well as material. Whether the query is to start a new enterprise or marriage-Vedic astrology can help. Vedic astrology is based on the movement of the moon and hence more exact than solar astrology that is in vogue in the west.

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The moon stays in a rashi sign for only 2 and a half days whereas the sun remains in a sign for a month. Similarly our daily conditions do not remain the same. They change as the moon changes its position and the same goes for our moods too. Therefore lunar astrology is far superior when it comes to prescribing remedial measures for adverse planetary influences than solar astrology.

Consider the following example: 20 Year periodicity in co relation between death of American Presidents and adverse Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is given below: Year Event W. Harrison died in office from pneumonia Abram Lincoln was assassinated James. Garfield was shot to death William Mackinely died later during his term of office Warren Harding died in the White house Roosevelt died in office Kennedy was shot dead If you still think that there is no co relation among the above data then nothing can convince you but Vedic astrology attributes it to adverse Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions.

Now it depends on your own mental faculties whether to take it or leave it.


Explore the pages of this web site and discover a new meaning of India and Vedic astrology. An astrologer's job is to clear the mist from the looking glass. Yet, when we prepare for unexpected events, does that make those events expected, and therefore not what we'd prepared for! It's important to leave room for mystery. As the Sun and Saturn align, we must remain resolute in the face of emotional revelations: and, with Venus in mysterious Scorpio, our secrets will reveal themselves to be not dark, but sweet.

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Your stars are passing through an exciting phase. The effect may be to shoot you back to your emotional past just when you thought you had been propelled into the future. Use this valuable time to forge ahead on all pursuits requiring wonderful, deep and colourful imagination. You must realise that the present moment is an ideal one in which to put all regrets behind you for good.

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Developments that are due to come to light in a totally unexpected way could completely transform your appreciation of one special person. You may be pushed into reconsidering a whole series of emotional commitments.

Deccan herald sunday horoscope
Deccan herald sunday horoscope
Deccan herald sunday horoscope
Deccan herald sunday horoscope
Deccan herald sunday horoscope

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